Guild Wars 2 Invites You to Celebrate the Lunar New Year Festival 2020

Only a few weeks into 2020, Guild Wars 2 players are celebrating The Year of the Rat. The Lunar New Year Festival is taking place once again. Players can expect new activities and also new prizes. There are lucky envelopes to collect, yummy treats to eat, fireworks to look at, and many other event activities. Heroes are invited to Divinity’s Reach to take part in the event. Check your mail for the Invitation to Lunar New Year item. You will get easy access to the event area. If you lose your invitation, visit Sarettokk in Lion’s Arch to get a new one.

If you have participated in past Lunar New Year events, then you know what this is all about. The 2020 event has a similar structure but it comes with a few changes so veteran players can experience novelty too. Celestial Challenge is a new activity. Players are required to complete all sorts of events. They will get reputation with the celestial animals for doing so. Complete as many events as you can before you open the last chest to increase your chances of getting more and better prizes. You will also obtain new achievements when taking part in the Challenge activities.

New Year’s Fortune is a new daily meta-achievement. You will have to complete three daily achievements to get it. This is an extra way of getting rewards. You will also get progress for Best Wishes for the New Year achievement that can be completed multiple times. The Year of the Rat allows players to get a new festive weapon set. It is called the Shinning Aureate and it is obtained after completing the aforementioned achievement. If you manage to complete all the event achievements and get the Lunar New Year Customs meta-achievement, you will get the amazing Fireworks Spaulders armor.

Head to the event vendors and see what’s for sale. The Mini Lunar Rat and Mini Essence of Luck will surely get your attention. The latter mini might also drop from the Celestial Challenge activity. These two minis are event exclusives. Look for the weekly vendor that sells rare items. A Year of the Rat guild decoration is available. Players can buy eight Divine Lucky Envelopes per day. They can get another eight for a discounted price with Tokens of the Celestial Champion.

These tokens come from the Celestial Challenge activity and daily achievements. The rewards from lucky envelopes now contain Year of the Rat themed items. Enjoy the event with U7BUY GW2 gold and get ready for the new Shadow in the Ice update at the end of January.


(Contributed by Reda)