Get free FIFA 20 envelopes with Twitch Prime

FIFA 20 has also joined the Twitch Prime rewards and has decided to give subscribers of this service free envelopes, something that they already unveiled with the departure of Winter Refresh but that had not been made effective so far.

The first envelope is available from February 19 and is an envelope with 1 player of 81 on average or more – to choose between a few – and four rare gold players, so with a little luck you can reach Get a good player. Whatever comes out, yes, it is nontransferable items.

The promotion includes 7 packages that will be granted over 7 months. This first will be available only until March 23 and there is no information on the content of those who will arrive soon. In fact, there is not even an exact date, since in some they limit themselves to setting the month and in others the time of the year.

The second envelope will arrive in March and the third will do so in April. As for the rest, there is one that says ‘Spring 2020’ – presumably it will be in May – and in the remaining three ‘Summer 2020’, so it is expected that they leave in June, July and August, thus respecting the separation of One month between packages.

To claim it, the first thing you need is an active subscription to Twitch Prime, which is associated as Amazon Prime. There is a free trial month if you have never used it, so you can take the envelope for free, since once it is redeemed it will be yours forever. In fact, if you wait until March 23 approaches to redeem it, it is possible that you can take two or even three, depending on when the April leaves.

Anyway, you have to enter the website of the promotion, which can be found in the Twitch Loot section or in this link. In it you will see a button from which to link your Twitch account with that of EA, for which you will only be asked to log in and the security code that arrives at your email address.

Once these steps have been completed, you only have to select to obtain now in the corresponding month package and you will have it once you log in to FIFA Ultimate Team, either through the game itself or in the web and mobile applications.

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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien)