FIFA 21 Edition Comparision: Benefits for Pre-Purchasing

FIFA 21 is now available to pre-order, but there are some new benefits and rewards that have gotten some players interested. Here, we take a look at what they are and what they will mean for Ultimate Team.

After a few weeks of waiting, EA SPORTS finally revealed the release date of FIFA 21 during its EA Play 2020 event. The game, which will launch on Xbox One and PS4, will go on sale on October 9, before it will also is available on Xbox Series X and PS5.

After the small preview, in which FIFA fans were able to see some of the new graphics, especially the appearance of the Anfield stadium, by Kylian Mbappe and Liverpool, EA revealed that the game would be available for reservation in the standard editions, Champion and Ultimate.


FIFA 21 FUT Ambassador Reserve Benefit?

The standard edition, which is the only version of FIFA 21 that won’t let you play three days earlier, comes with a series of bonuses for Ultimate Team, but it lacks the career mode rewards of the other two.

Players who grab the standard edition will receive some free packs, special kits, stadium items, and two players on loan. One of these loans will be a cover star, but the other, the FUT ambassador, has caused a bit more confusion.

FUT ambassadors are usually players that can be seen on menus, such as Vinicus Jr. for FIFA 20, so they are likely to be current players rather than icon changes as some fans have suggested.


What is the Career Mode Local Talent Bonus for reserving FIFA 21?

As for the Champion and Ultimate editions, players will receive bonuses similar to the standard edition, with more free packs depending on the version they have reserved, as well as a local Talent of Career Mode.

This reward is described as a “local youth prospect with world-class potential” that looks like the “Star of the Future” catalog item that fans have come to use. Although, we will have to wait and see if this differs or not in FIFA 21.

Below you can find a complete breakdown of the different prizes you will get for each edition, including the number of free FUT packs and loan items.


The standard edition

3 Rare Gold Packs, one per week for 3 weeks, 5 Cover Star Loan Matches, 3 FUT Player Ambassador Loan Matches, FUT Kits Special Edition and Stadium Items.


Champions edition

3 Days Early Access, 12 Rare Gold Packs, One Per Week For 12 Weeks, 5 Cover Star Loan Games, Career Mode Homegrown Talent, 3 Player FUT Ambassador Player Loans, Special Edition FUT Kits and Stadium Items.


Ultimate Edition

FUT 21 Ones to Watch Non-Interchangeable Item, 3 Days Early Access, 4 Rare Gold Packs, Two Per Week For 12 Weeks, 5 Cover Star Loan Matches, Homegrown Talent In Career Mode, 3 Matches Player FUT Ambassador Loan, FUT Kits Special Edition and Stadium Supplies.

However, to obtain the FUT 21 Ones to Watch non-exchange card, the Ultimate Edition must be reserved before August 14.


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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)