January Title Update: Next-gen gameplay

Let us start with the next-gen gameplay update. The title update has improved the zone coverage. The Deep Zone defender logic has been tuned to give priority to deep threats in their zone over shorter routes approaching them. Cover 1 will also have a quicker reaction to Deep Over, Post and other deep crossing routes. Deep Zone players will also face the ball instead of the line of scrimmage, allowing them to turn in the right direction when they cover deep routes.
Fakeout logic on Inside Release Post Routes has also been tuned to prevent defenders from being faked out during the start of the move. The patch has also added Gen 5-specific Change of Direction animations to locomotion. This will allow for better and quicker movement transition from strafe to run for the defenders, allowing them to reach their positions quicker. Turn and run has been improved for a better anticipation of vertical speed threats. Additionally, defenders in Deep Zone will now have a faster top-end strafe speed.
Deep third be able to look farther inside when anticipating Deep Crossing routes coming from the opposite side of the field. On the same note, outside Deep Third defenders will no longer leverage the number 1 outside receiver for too long even if the latter is no longer a deep threat. Overall, there is now a better balance to the deep passing game and more anticipation of deep zone defenders.
Concerning the gameplay fixes, the Title update has fixed the Kickoff Playclock Exploit. It allowed the kicking team to remain at the Play-call screen indefinitely without having to call a play. The fair catch exploit has also been fixed. It the ball carrier to enter a state where he could not be tackled after fielding a kick or punt off the ground following a fair catch. We will cover the remaining patch notes in a future update. You can buy MUT coins at the best prices on MUTeamGo to build your team.