NBA 2K22 Top 10 Players

If you don’t have enough coins, you can buy NBA 2K22 MT coins from Mtstacks! The basketball game NBA 2K22 released its Top 10 players’ ratings yesterday and four players are tied for 96 this year: LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and new NBA FMVP Giannis Antetokounmpo. But LeBron James is not happy with this, not so much with his low number, but with the fact that Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry should have been rated 99.


According to the NBA 2K22 Top 10 player ability ratings released yesterday, in addition to the four 96 players mentioned above, the next four in order are Kawhi Leomard (95), Nikola Jokic (95), Joel Embiid (95), Luka Doncic (94), James Harden (94) and Damian Lillard (94).


Interestingly, not only did LeBron James think Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry were too low, but KD also said in the official video that he should have a 99, saying that because he can shoot from a dead angle, is a good rebounder and has great passing vision, he should have a 99 in everything he does.


NBA 2K22 has also released player ratings for specific themes, such as Stephen Curry leading the pack in 3-point shooting ability with 99, followed by another prodigal brother Klay Thompson with 95, and Joe Harris, Seth Curry and Duncan Robinson with 90 in that order. In the dunking ability section, last season’s Rookie of the Year Zion Williamson topped the list with 97, followed by two-time dunking champion Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon at 95, Derrick Jones Jr. and rookie king Ja Morant at 94.


Derrick Jones Jr. and rookie king Ja Morant are also at 94. The top five NBA 2K22 dunking players are listed. Other players listed so far: Jayson Tatum 90, Zion Williamson and Trae Young 89, Khris Middleton 88, Zach LaVine 87, Domamtas Sabonis 86, Jrue Holiday 85, LaMalo Ball 84, Steven Adams 79. 84, Steven Adams 79.