Madden NFL 23: What We Expect in October Title Update (Part 2)

Join the leading Madden 23 coins supplier MUTEAMGO to enjoy MUT 23 coin deals! Bad news for fans of online franchise play in Madden 23, things didn’t go the way they supposed to be. Numerous posts on the EA Answers HQ forum that are still garnering attention talk about issues with these saves going weeks back to early savepoints. Others have reported failed saves going back and erasing weeks of progress and still no fix.

This year Madden 23 featured a new field pass to track progression, but this new feature doesn’t quite work well. Players are complaining about the Field Pass’ failure in tracking progress. The last message came almost one month later, the community manager revealed that everything is under control and they are investigating on the issues. Players will get an error message saying the request cannot be processed regardless of attempts.

Face of the Franchise’s single-player career mode weren’t spared problems either, and main progress was erased. Many players have reported that all of their characters, even those with OVRs above 98, were suddenly erased with incorrect positions and all progress was removed.

Some issues have lasted for over a month now, including an annoying inter-season bug in Face of the Franchise. This year there is a contract signing period in the mode, but players have been reporting not being able to sign a new contract for some time. The issue continues to exist for some of the players who posted this post over the past week, and hopefully that EA will fix this issue.