What Are Diablo 4 Legendary Aspects And Why Are They Important

Diablo 4 features aspects, a system that allows players to imbue their weapons and armor with powerful passive abilities.


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How to Obtain Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4



Legendary aspects are collected by players. There are two ways to obtain them. When you complete a dungeon for the first time, you collect the associated aspect. It will appear in the Codex of Power. This is a collection that keeps track of your dungeon aspects. Players acquire the aspect as a reward for clearing the dungeon. It doesn’t have a drop chance. You don’t have to complete an objective or a quest. Just run the dungeon and the aspect will be in your codex. It’s a simple, straightforward way to get it. The Codex of Power is available to all of your characters. It’s a useful functionality. The aspects in the codex can be used as many times as you like. Unfortunately, that doesn’t go for all aspects in the game. Not all of them are acquired from dungeons. This brings us to the other way of getting aspects. The second way is to extract the aspect from a weapon. The process will destroy the weapon. So yes, you will most likely have to farm for a certain drop to get your desired aspect. The Occultist is the NPC that extracts and imprints aspects.


Types of Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4



Now, let’s talk about what kind of powers these aspects bring to our gear. These passives may fall into one of the five categories. Each category pertains to certain types of equipment. Offensive aspects can be used on weapons, rings, gloves, and amulets. Defensive aspects are for shields, helmets, legs, chests, and amulets. Utility aspects work with shields, boots, helmets, chests, gloves, and amulets. Resource aspects are ring exclusives. Mobility aspects can be imbued on the boots and amulets. We can also categorize aspects by class. General aspects work with all classes. Class-restricted aspects are available for only one class. Another thing you should know about aspects is that they will always have the lowest value. This means that if we have an aspect that has a variable element, you will always get the lower range of the interval. If you want to get the aspect with the higher value, you need to extract it from an item. Unlike the aspects in the codex, the extracted aspects can only be used once. When you find a legendary piece of equipment that has an aspect you want to use, you need to take it to the Occultist. The NPC will extract the power, but the item is lost. This can be particularly annoying for those that want to use the item as a transmog as well. Unlike Codex of Power aspects, extracted aspects go into your bags. There is a dedicated tab for extracted aspects. The tab has a limited number of slots. Imprinting the aspect on an armor will use the aspect. To find an Occultist, you need to go to one of the major settlements. Just open the map and look for the symbol with the triangle and three circles. The imprinting process is not free. You will need to pay a Diablo 4 gold fee to have your gear imbued. You don’t want to neglect aspects because they are important for your character build. Click here to improve your build.