Lost Ark Roadmap for 2023 Released, Souleater Scheduled in November

In its final major outlook for the year, Amazon Game Studios detailed its September, October, November, and December roadmaps, showing off some very exciting additions and changes.

They’re even adding extra content in next week’s August update, which should be a big help for players who log in every day. If you don’t have the time for the repetitive daily quests, don’t forget to visit U7BUY for cheap Lost Ark gold.

This includes some surprises, such as the fact that we will soon be able to get the recently released (in Korea) Soul Eater class and daily quest reductions.



Changes to the daily routine

Guardian raids reduced to 1 per day

Chaos Dungeons are now 25% faster, with enemies to spawning quicker and will rush to you from across the map

Both Guardians and Chaos Dungeons will now grant players additional rewards (the latter for example dropping cards, higher level gems, and more silver)



Jump Start Server: This is a fascinating server separate from the rest of the game and acts as a bit of a reset, Players will start at level 1415 and level up with their own rewards and progression. This is to help some new players and gatekeeping issues that plague the game

Yoz’s Jar Seasons 1 and 2: Legendary skins (dismantling existing skins and RNG aspect)

New affection rapport ranks for Thirain and Nineveh

Primal Island Battle Royale mode

Brand New Ark Pass



Pleccia 1475 story quests

Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid


Souleater (Assassin) Class

New Progression Event and Hyper Express Pass



Voldis 1520 story quests

Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon

Elixirs: New system to increase your character’s power outside of honing

New Ark Pass


There’s something absolutely exciting coming in Lost Ark, promising to bring back afk players and recruit new ones.

The Lost Ark has struggled over the past few months, with its player base at an all-time low, and high-profile influencers turning to other MMOs due to burnout.

With these changes, we hope to help alleviate some of the issues players are experiencing, even if it doesn’t quite fix some glaring issues.

For us at least, we’re pretty excited about the daily formula changes that were added almost immediately after Korea got Voldis in December.

Hopefully, there will be enough time between next week’s release of Akkan and Voldis to get players ready for the Abyss Dungeons, as it’s releasing fairly quickly.

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