Get Better FIFA Mobile Cards with the Top Transfers Plans

Top Transfers is a FIFA Mobile program that is making a comeback into the game. It was available in 2016 and, one year later, is available once again. During the program, players have access to a new type of live events, plans, and packs that will help them get new cards.

The first thing to do is to start completing live events. Players can select the live events map from the main menu and look for the Top Transfers live events icon. Tapping on it will reveal more info and the obtained rewards. Players should complete it as soon as possible because the event has an expiration date. The first time players complete it, they get an additional reward. This is a token that will be used to complete plans. Players are advised to keep an eye for new Top Transfers live events every day. Playing a live event costs four stamina.

The FIFA Mobile store offers Top Transfers packs for coins or FIFA Mobile points. One pack that contains one 88 OVR Top Transfers player is offered for free. The Top Transfers pack can be bought for 200,000 coins or 1,000 points. This kind of pack contains 10 players or tokens. The players are at least gold quality. A Top Transfers bundle is available for 10,000 points. This pack contains 10 Top Transfers packs, one elite contract token, and 20 players or tokens.

Top Transfers plans are available to complete. Players can check them out by navigating to the Seasonal tab under the main Plans menu. There are different kinds of plans. Some require contract tokens and some require Top Transfers players. The Program Master player card is obtained in exchange for 250 transfer value tokens and five elite contract tokens. Upgrade player plans are available as well. Players need to complete five plans that will gradually increase a card’s OVR from 92 to 100. Neymar is the 100 OVR player. Other footballers who have a Top Transfers upgrade plan are Bernardeschi 96 OVR, Bonucci 96 OVR, Matic 97 OVR, Sigurdsson 97 OVR, B. Silva 97 OVR, and Morata 98 OVR. Players can also get 97 OVR Hector in exchange for 10 Koln V Hamburg cards.