NBA Live Mobile – How to Get Ready for the Reset with the Season Score Hub

NBA Live Mobile is getting close to a reset. In preparation for the event that will bring all players accounts and progress to an incipient state, the Season Score feature was implemented. This tracks players’ accomplishments and gets them ready for the reset. The Season Score Hub is basically a list of objectives that makes it easier for players to earn rewards. Before the reset, players will be able to acquire tickets. These will be used as NBA Live Mobile coins/ currency after the reset. Tickets will help players get items that will make the beginning of the new season easier for them.

The Season Score Hub has 10 categories. Each category lists a game mode and tells players how they can earn tickets from that activity. A tip is given so players know where to concentrate their efforts. The My Team feature allows players to manage their teams. Each team has an OVR that is based on the OVR of the basketball players that are part of that team. Players get tickets depending on their team’s OVR. The best way to increase the team’s OVR fast is to use cards from the Summer Players program. Players also get tickets depending on their level. The fastest way to level up is to take part in live events. Completing live events is a separate activity in the Season Score Hub. This is an easy and fast way to get tickets as live events are available all the time. The objectives list is another way to get tickets. Players just need to complete the objectives on their list. Winning matches against other NBA Live Mobile players in head to head mode is another ticket rewarding activity. League versus league tournaments is an alternate way of getting tickets from player interaction. Season mode rewards players with tickets as well. Completing sets is another activity that grants players tickets. The best sets to complete for tickets are those from the Team and Summer categories. Tickets are acquired when getting achievements. Taking part in Summer Courts events will reward players with tickets. As soon as the next NBA Live Mobile season starts, players will be able to spend their tickets.