NBA Live Mobile – Did You Get These Ultimate Legends Players Before the Reset?

Players that want to get some great NBA Live Mobile cards before the reset should complete Ultimate Legends sets. To complete a set, 10 Ultimate Legend tokens are needed. The reward is a 99 OVR player with special abilities.

Dirk Nowitzki is a point forward player card that goes in a shooting lineup. This card comes with defense motivator, clutch, 3 point motivator, and shot motivator as special abilities. Nowitzki is a veteran NBA player. He is a former MVP.

Pete Maravich is a shooting guard player that fits into a big man lineup. Three point motivator and clutch are his special abilities. Maravich’s best stats are 98 dribbling and 97 passing.

Julius Erving was selected All-Star 16 times, All-NBA seven times, MVP four times, and was champion one time. His NBA Live Mobile card has the small forward position and goes in a two way lineup. Shot motivator and buzzer beater are the special abilities.

Steve Francis is a shooting guard player for a small ball lineup. Francis has 96 speed and passing as his best stats. Clutch and speed motivator are his special abilities.

Yao Ming never missed the All-Star game in any of his active NBA years. His in-game card has the center position and goes in a two way lineup. In the paint and shot motivator are Ming’s special abilities.

Bill Wanton was NBA champion two times and one time MVP. This card has center position and fits in a shooting lineup. In the paint and speed motivator are the special abilities. Walton’s best stat is 95 defense.

Walt Frazier is a point guard player for a defensive lineup. This card has clutch and defense motivator as special abilities. The stats are 98 speed, 91 shooting, 97 dribbling, 90 defense, 73 3 pointer, and 92 passing. He was part of the All-Star game seven times and made it into the Hall of Fame in 1987. He won the championship two times.

Did you get these Ultimate Legends players? If you still want them, the best way is to get them with cheap NBA Live Mobile coins from auction house where you could find and trade players.