FIFA Mobile – How to Unlock Game Modes in Season 2

FIFA Mobile Season 2 starts with a training event at the end of which players will unlock the campaign mode. This is similar to the old seasons mode that was removed from the game. Throughout this tutorial, players will learn basic controls and how to use the My Team feature to customize and to improve their teams. The next step for players is to personalize their logo. They can select a team logo (or crest) for their profile by selecting one of the many available options. There are lots of leagues and teams to choose from. The next step is to visit the Store where a free Welcome Pack will be available. The content of the pack depends on the selected team crest. Players will receive a player card from their team and will unlock one of the available campaigns.

VS Attack mode allows players to challenge each other. They will need to tap the “Play” button to find an opponent. First, they will play a tutorial match. Before the game begins, players will see their OVR compared to their opponent’s and what their chances are. Once the match begins, players can let auto-play handle things or be in control of their players. The second option is the preferred one. The objective is to get as many goals as possible. The tutorial match is easily won so players can test skills against a human opponent. Players should focus on leveling so they can unlock the other FIFA Mobile modes. Events mode is unlocked at level two. It’s very easy to get to level two. Players can complete some campaign activities such as skill training for some quick experience. They will also receive rewards such as FIFA Mobile coins. Each time players level up they get a prize. Once players have unlocked the events mode at level two, they can give it a go or continue leveling to four. At level four, leagues mode is unlocked. Players should check the activities list to see how to get more rewards.