Madden NFL 18 Online – How to Improve My Online Connection

Move the router
It is possible that your router is not near the console and you can´t connect it with cable. In that case, you will have no choice but to use the wireless connection, but there is a partial solution to this problem that may help you to improve the connection. It is possible that the location of your router is not helping the signal is well received for reasons ranging from the walls of the house to other electronic devices that may interfere with the signals. So, our advice is that you try to move the router and place it in an open space and if it can be, close to your console.

Change wireless channel
It is a more complicated solution, since it does not only depend on you, but it is a good way to definitively improve your connection if you live in densely populated areas. What you should do is contact your online service provider and ask how to search and change to another wireless channel. As we say, this solution involves some calls and a slower process, but the solution could be final and help you enjoy better connections online in Madden NFL 18.
And here’s the best advice we can give you to solve the problem that disconnects you from your rival in Madden NFL 18 Online. Still, there are several things you could do previously in order to identify what the real problem is. For example, perform connection tests or check the speed of your connection. In the same way, you should check possible error codes of your console as well as have your platform updated to avoid possible errors in the online multiplayer.

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