FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Season Has Started

Are you ready to begin a new Ultimate Team adventure in FIFA 20? Then you don’t need to wait any longer because the UT season has just started.

You can use some time to do some research on the players. Lots of footballers had their ratings already revealed. You might also want to check out on how pack probabilities work so you can make better estimations before spending hard-earned coins on packs.

Don’t miss the pre-launch objective! Start getting rewards before other players. There is a special reward pack that has some really great starting items. Don’t waste any more time because this activity is time-limited. The reward pack has an 80-84 OVR player that will be great for your first team. You will also get a TotW 10 game player loan. Make good use of it and get more rewards.

Speaking of TotW, the first team of FIFA 20 is here. Check it out and get it from packs. This first TotW has some amazing footballers such as 89 OVR striker Mane, 84 OVR center defending midfielder Delaney, and 88 OVR striker Benzema.

The UT app is already available. This is a handy tool that you can use to check out on your Ultimate Team when you are away from the console or PC. You can buy and sell players, check out objectives, and do lots of other things thanks to the app. Use the web app in a desktop web browser or go for the mobile version that is available for iOS and Android. Start working towards your season objectives as soon as possible. You will get rewards for each level. Get XP and gain as many levels as you can. Get the best rewards that will help you build a stronger team. Squad building challenges have started as well. You can take part in the first Player of the Month challenge and get OVR 84 striker Pukki. The beauty of Ultimate Team is that players can get rewards in many different ways. Complete as many activities as possible and you will have an unbeatable team in no time!

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