NFL 23 – Justin Reid’s New ‘Team Affinity’ Card Boost

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NFL 23 welcomes the latest ‘Team Affinity’ player cards that bolster selected gridiron footballers’ skillsets, beginning with Kansas City Chiefs’ 25-year old American player, Justin Reid.

The Chiefs are currently top of the Western Division of the American Football Conference, already winning nine (9) out of their twelve (12) games thus far, with Reid recording fifty-six (56) total tackles while participating in every match.

Formerly a Houston Texans player, Reid just joined Kansas City Chiefs this year but his contributions have made him look like he’s been with the team for longer than that!

In NFL 23, here’s how Justin Reid’s new ‘Team Affinity’ card looks like – including ten (10) of his best attributes – offering better chemistry for MUT fans to pair with other cards:

(SS) Justin Reid’s ‘Team Affinity’ Player Card: OVR 94

Zone Coverage, ZCV (Coverage): 94
Pursuit, PUR (Run Defence): 93
Speed, SPD (General): 93
Jumping, JMP (General): 93
Agility, AGI (General): 93

Acceleration, ACC (General): 92
Awareness, AWA (General): 92
Play Recognition, PRC (General): 92
Hit Power, POW (Run Defence): 92
Man Coverage, MCV (Coverage): 90

Reid is a superb Strong Safety, using his immense speed and agility to focus on runners who are sprinting past the zones.

His smart play reads and eagle-eyed zone coverage ensure that the end zones are properly secured as well, making him a crucial member of any MUT defensive formation.

Reid’s latest version boasts a few great player traits too:

High Motor
Strips Ball
Plays Ball in Air [Aggressive]

Right now, Reid’s new player card is extremely in demand, as seen by its current in-game prices from the Auction House:

PS: 850,000 MUT Coins
Xbox: 985,000 MUT Coins

Reid’s new card variant is such an expansive one to acquire, so you might need to buy more MUT Coins to do so in the game.

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