NFL 23 – Justin Houston’s Glorious ‘Team of the Week’ Revision

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The newest ‘Team of the Week’ (TOTW) roster has now been released in NFL 23, combining both TOTW 16 and TOTW 17 players respectively.

This is quite a surprise albeit it being a pleasant one, with MUT lovers able to recruit more player cards this time around!

That being said, when it comes to the best of them, a new Limited Edition TOTW 17 Player Card for Baltimore Ravens’ linebacker, Justin Houston, is probably the one to watch for!

Justin Houston’s latest card update here represents his time at Kansas City Chiefs in 2014, where he was the key performer in The Chiefs’ 19-7 victory against San Diego Chargers in Week 17 of the NFL that season.

Houston’s new Limited Edition version is quite a menacing one to have on your MUT squad, shown by ten (10) of his best attributes here:

(LOLB) Justin Houston’s Limited Edition ‘Team of the Week’ Player Card: OVR 96

Power Moves, PMV (Pass Rush): 96
Pursuit, PUR (Run Defence): 96
Hit Power, POW (Run Defence): 96
Strength, STR (General): 95
Acceleration, ACC (General): 94

Agility, AGI (General): 94
Tackling, TAK (Run Defence): 93
Speed, SPD (General): 92
Jumping, JMP (General): 91
Awareness, AWA (General): 91

When you have Houston on your team, you can be sure of someone that can read through offensive plays and quickly immobilise ball handlers before they can throw the ball across the yards or make a run by themselves.

As such, he’s in-game archetype for this card is the Power Rusher.

Houston also has many great traits:

High Motor
DL Swim Move
DL Spin Move
DL Bull Rush Move
Strips Ball
Penalty (Disciplined)

This rendition of the 33-year old American footballer would surely be priced heftily from the Auction House, and you’re right to assume so, costing around:

Xbox: 405,000 MUT Coins
PS: 472,000 MUT Coins
PC: 472,000 MUT Coins

However, for what you’re getting in terms of in-game value, Houston’s Limited Edition TOTW is certainly worth it, especially when he can help you defend the zones better than before in MUT!

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